The Common Sense Candidate

Why I’m Running

The past several years, partisan politics has torn this country apart. Hot button news items engage our anger. Email, texting and social media have provided a safe haven to write what we never would say, driving a spiral of family discord. Friendships have ended. The fabric of our society is being ripped asunder by hateful rhetoric toward each other. We’ve forgotten that we are all just neighbors, friends & family, co-workers, and citizens of this great state.

Rather than focus on all the things that divide us, we need to spotlight the things that unite us. We are a state guided by Christian ideals. We are a state filled with hard workers. We are a state of people who all want the same thing: to provide for our families and raise our children to be productive members of society.

We want to be able to take care of our sick family members. Too many Tennesseans have suffered with untreated health issues due to lack of financial responsibility to expand access to healthcare. Tennessee has lost 10 rural hospitals, and over 4 billion of our tax dollars have been sent to 33 other states. This is not money we WILL pay in taxes, it’s money we’ve ALREADY paid with the intent to benefit Tennesseans.

We want our kids to have every opportunity to achieve success. Public education is the single greatest tool we have to offer our children and grandchildren. We cannot afford to continue losing our teachers to other states or even different school districts due to a lack of educational funding and support. Our children here in the 47th deserve to have continuity in their education. The only way to ensure this is to help support our teachers- good pay and good benefits. Also, we need to know that our students upon graduation have a pathway to employment success- through affordable vocational schools and affordable college education. We want our children to want to raise their families here, like we did with ours.

Our communities need good jobs that provide a good work-family balance, and allow us to capitalize on our Volunteer state work ethic, fulfilling jobs that allow workers to save for retirement. We deserve to have legislators who will advocate for us to have a living wage and good benefits that will allow us to spend time with our families and to retire with dignity.

We should all have the opportunity to have great jobs and careers, access to healthcare and a good education for our children, regardless of who we are, what we look like or where we live. In the end, isn’t this something that every Tennessean can agree on? It’s just plain common sense, and it’s up to our legislatures to find a way to make this happen. We need to find a way to work together to create solutions instead of divisions.

I’m running to be your Representative in the State House. Your vote is greatly appreciated.